History of Labu

The Labu company was founded  1896 in Linz by the apothecary Friedrich Buchrucker.

In the early years the company focused on the production of human preparations. The first fodder and vitamin preparations were put on the market in 1927. The section pest control was established later on, some of the products are still available under the brand Inficin.

1970 we managed to access the Austrian milk market economy.

In 1984 operations were moved to Ottensheim, and four years later another section of the LaBu Buchrucker Ltd was founded focussing on the production of stainless steel products, e.g. brewing plants, pasteurisers, cheese vats, vinegar plants and more.

1996 our company was awarded a state commendation in the course of the 100 year celebration.      

Certification according to ISO 9001 was concluded 1997.

1997 the company acquired the stainless steel processing enterprise PHAMOS to further its venture into the stainless steel sector.


Several new products were developed in the following years:

Cheese vats, originally in the size of 150 litres.

Pasteurisers to strengthen the milk sector.

Wine cooling systems like radiators, as well as the electronic controls.

Ice water cooling.

Pasteurisers for preservation of fruit juices


Brewing plants

All the knowledge we gained through development and our love for beer lead to the development of the first Labu brewing plant in 1997. The same plant was first presented February 1998 at the "Ab Hof Messe" in Wieselburg.

1999 cooperation with our brewmaster Ingo Laska started. The same year the Thor Bräu company was founded, and together we built a show pub, situated at first in Walding and since 2005 in Ottensheim.

Since the production of our first brewing plant 1997 we built over 100 breweries all across Europe and we continuously work on new and more advanced systems.


Vinegar plants

1998 we started cooperation with vinegar master Ing. Andreas Fischerauer, and he defined the requirements of a modern submersion plant. More than 250 such plants have been sold all over the world.


Mothers milk pasteurisers

In cooperation with Litec we developed equipment for pasteurising of women and mothers milk according to the requirements of the children hospital Linz, and it was the only plant meeting those standards and was certified according to them.

In 2013 the plant was flooded the second time in its 118 year history, submerging the plant in 40cm deep water causing a lot of damage to the building, machines and factory equipment.

The state award, several national and international patents, protection of registered designs and other awards are proof of the high level of innovation of this traditional family business. And all this is in line with our mission statement tradition and progress.