Thor Bräu

Brauhaus Ottensheim
Ingomar Laska
Hostauerstraße 2
A-4100 Ottensheim
Tel.: +43 (0)699 / 14 16 39 53

The exhibition brewery moved from Walding to Ottensheim in early 2005.
After only 4 months of rebuild the "Brauhaus Ottensheim" or "Gläserne Brauerei" could open it's doors.
The small but nice Brewpub has a glass wall that allows you to watch the brew house...
... and brewmaster, as well as experienced beer taster, Ingomar Laska, as he brews his beer.
Currently 5 different brews are made with a Labu 5/10hl brew block.
Main fermentation happens in the main fermentation tank as well as in the ZKG/ZKT (double walled, isolated and cooled tanks).
Cooling is done with a switchable LaBu ice water/glycol cooling unit with a cooling performance of 7kW. The produced warmth is used to heat the pub in the cold months and channeled off outside during summer.
Fermenting and storing is done in single walled storage tanks as well as double walled isolated and cooled fermentation tanks.
Our beer is exclusively cold filtered and not pasteurized, so as not to destroy ingredients and keeping the beer alive.
In the connected salesroom you can buy specialty brews during regular hours in bottles of 0.3, 0.5, 1 and 2 liters siphon bottles, as well as in barrels.

In the pub itself you can get

a half dark easily drinkable beer

Ottensheimer spezial:
natural, full bodied, hop emphasized beer

a fruity sparkling beer

If you want a special beer for your celebration we have what you want. Of course you can borrow beer coolers, beer tables as well as an exquisite stainless steel bar, or you can tap the keg in the bavarian way.

Ingomar Laska would also be happy to hold brewing seminars, during which one brew is made under his guidance. You can experience all brewing steps yourself and after 4 weeks you can pick up your very own bottled brew. Refreshments and small snacks will also be provided.

We look forward to your visit!


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