Labu pasteuriser - Pasteurisation of raw milk

The Labu pasteuriser is designed for full automatic pasteurisation of raw milk. After it is filled with the raw milk the following procedure automatically takes place:

The milk is heated to a temperature between 62°C and 65°C and is kept at constant temperature over a period of 30 minutes. Subsequently an automatic cooling process is started, with the cooling temperature dependant on the further intended use of the milk (curdling or drinking milk). The pasteurising process is documented with a graphic recorder for orderly documentation of the proper pasteurization.

With a suitable ice water cooling you can cool down to 4°C.

Apart from it's function as a pasteurization container the pasteuriser can be used for curdling of the milk, production of quark and yoghurt making.

Milch pasteurisieren, Milch haltbar machen, ohne Keime
Labu pasteuriser

Labu Pasteuriser

  • direct heating
  • improved energy efficiency compared to conventional systems
  • only very small amounts of water have to be heated along with the milk cooling evenly distributed over the inner wall

Set with:

  • agitator
  • stainless steel control panel for wall mounting
  • automatic program control with temperature monitoring
  • outlet NW 65
  • stainless steel tilt rack
  • disk valve NW65 with 90° arc



  • cutter for curd
  • special ice water cooling to cool the milk in the pasteuriser down to 4°C
  • infinitely variable agitator
  • curd agitator
  • baffle


Available in following sizes:

  • Labu Pasteuriser 70 – 80 litre capacity – 5,5 kW installed load
  • Labu Pasteuriser 150 – 200 litre capacity – 11,5 kW installed load
  • Labu Pasteuriser 300 – 370 litre capacity – 18 kW installed load
  • Labu Pasteuriser 300 – 500 litre capacity – 18 kW installed load


Subject to technical modifications!