Labu vinegar plant - Fully automated vinegar production

essig, Essigherstellung, Essig selber machen, Essiganlage, Essigmaschine, Obstverarbeitung, Apfelessig, Obstessig

Simple Vinegar production of highest quality within a few days due to modern technology (direct ventilation process).

Vinegar production is very easy and fully automated. A constantly aerated alcoholic liquid (cider, wine, fruit wine, beer) is converted to acetic acid by special acid bacteria.

  • optimal fermentation at high speed
  • very pure fermentation – no mucilage
  • optimal aroma preservation
  • manufactured in stainless steel 1.4301
  • electric heating, with electronic control
  • very low energy consumption
  • adjustable circulation
  • adjustable aeration
  • low spacial requirements
  • optional electronically adjustable cooling
  • available sizes: 150, 240, 300, 450, 600 litres


Labu mini vinegar plant 20 litres

  • with integrated electronic cooling

Vinegar of your own making – a quick guide for vinegar production with the Labu vinegar plant

Product information vinegar:

Vinegar through the years developed to be a high quality foodstuff. Specialities made from different fruit types, creations of rural ingenuity are in demand. Using modern technology these requirements can be met nowadays.


Technology of vinegar production:

The Labu Vinegar Plant is the latest in vinegar production. Thanks to the intensive aeration and optimal treatment of the acid bacteria it is possible to make vinegar within 3 days by yourself. This is connected to a sensory quality improvement, since the aromas are not taxed as much and the vinegars taste is augmented.


How is vinegar made?

Fruits with a high sugar content are pressed, fermented and directly after the fermentation the young wine is filtered and the fermentation residues are removed. The fresh wine is fermented on into vinegar in the plant.

The Labu vinegar plant works with suspended bacteria and continuous aeration. Due to that temperature can be adjusted and the vinegar production can be controlled. As soon as the vinegar is done (control via acid determination), half of the vinegar is removed , and the plant refilled with the basic wine, making the vinegar production a continuous process. The removed vinegar is stored for a short time.

Depending on the sales type, the acid can be sold directly “naturtrüb” (without living bacteria) after heating, or after filtration bare after bottling. Refinement is possible with herbs, spices and fruits.

The label of your own vinegar has to have the following informations: name, vinegar type, acidity in percent, name and address of the producer, batch number and net quantity.


You can get more information from our vinegar expert:

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