Labu brewing block - Attractive design for show breweries and brew-pubs

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The brewing block has an attractive design with fixed stainless steel pipes and integrated pumps. You can switch between pumping lanes via three way valves. The lids are polished and there are stainless steel or brass decorations available.


The Labu Three-Vessel-Brewhouse Brewing Block is available in several sizes:

  • 2/4 Hl  - 13 kW / 400 Volt
  • 3/6 Hl  - 18 kW / 400 Volt
  • 5/10 Hl - 27 KW (also available prepared for steam heating) /400 Volt
  • 7,5/15 Hl - 40 KW (also available prepared for steam heating) /400 Volt
  • 10/20 Hl - prepared for steam heating) / 400 Volt

Control of the brew block via touch-pad.

Detailed information on the individual components and available options can be found here.