Labu Three Vessel Brew House basic version

Labu Brauanlage Dreigerätesudhaus Basisversion
Labu Three-Vessel-Brewhouse Basic Version

The basic version is designed as a plain production unit, offering an excellent cost-performance ratio. The pipe connections between the cooker and the lauter tun / whirlpool are connected through a pump with flexible hoses. The respective hoses will be plugged manually to the particular valves by using a milk thread.


The Labu Three-Vessel-Brewhouse Basic Version is available in several sizes:

  • 2/4 Hl  - 13 kW / 400 Volt
  • 3/6 Hl  - 18 kW / 400 Volt
  • 5/10 Hl - 27 KW (also available prepared for steam heating) /400 Volt
  • 7,5/15 Hl - 40 KW (also available prepared for steam heating) /400 Volt
  • 10/20 Hl - prepared for steam heating / 400 Volt

Control of the Three-vessel-brewhouse basic version via touch-pad.

Detailed information on the individual components and available options can be found here.