Labu Three Vessel Brew House - Brewing technology from Austria

The Three Vessel Brew house consists of a cooker, lauter tun, whirlpool and electronic control. It is made from stainless steel only.


Because of its design it is possible to create two brews nearly simultaneously.

The advantages of this system are a strong reduction in space requirements, lower installed load and because of that lower acquisition costs compared to a Two Vessel Brew house.

Another advantage is that you can make two different brews at a time, since the brews never come into contact with each other.


Labu Three Vessel Brew houses come in two equipment lines:
Labu Three Vessel Brew house basic model
Labu Three Vessel Brew house brewing block


The basic model is designed as a production plant, resulting in a great price-performance ratio. Pumping between cooker, lauter tun and whirlpool is done with an external pump and hoses, and the hoses are plugged manually to the valves by using a milk thread.


The brewing block has an attractive design with fixed stainless steel pipes and integrated pumps. You can switch between pumping lanes via three way valves. The lids are polished and there are stainless steel or brass decorations available.

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Labu Brewing Block 5/10 hl

Double batch

Batch 1

Batch 2


(1) Mashing in cooker (water and malt grist are mixed). Mashingprogramm is fully automatic.



(2) Mash is pumped into the lauter tun and lautered in the whirlpool afterwards.

(3) As soon as batch 1 is in the lauter tun mashing of the batch 2 starts.

Mashing of batch 2 and lautering of batch 1 happens at the same time.

(4) Spent grains are removed from lauter tun.




(5) Mash of batch 2 pumped into the lauter tun.


(6) Lautered wort is pumped from the whirlpool to the cooker to be cooked.

(7) Mash is lautered in the whirlpool.

Lautering of batch 2 happens paralell to cooking of batch 1.


(8) Spent grains are removed from the lauter tun. Lauter tun is cleaned and and afterwards stores batch 2.


(9) Cooked wort is pumped into the whirlpool.




(10) Wort is pumped from the lauter tun into the cooker .



(11) Wort is cooked.


(12) Wort pumped into fermenting tanks via heat exchange.




(13) Cooked wort pumped into whirlpool.



(14) Wort pumped into fermenting tanks via heat exchange.