Labu brew

Labu Brew

The complete plant is available for 100 and 200 litres (cooker size), is made of Stainless Steel and consists of:

Mash Cooker

  • with lid
  • agitator
  • doubled walled for sparging
  • discharge
  • support frame made of Stainless Steel
  • electric heating, with special heating elements made of ceramic
    • 100 litres (cooker capacity) 8 kW/400 Volt
    • 200 litres (cooker capacity) 13 kW/400 Volt
    • 300 litres (cooker capacity) 18 kW/400 Volt

Electronic control

  • computerised automatic program control (mash program)
  • 2 programs (for a bottom fermented beer and a top fermented beer)
  • any other program can be installed easily
  • equipped with an additional cooking program
  • manual controlling possible

Combined lauter tun / fermenting tank

  • doubled walled for cooling with water
  • lid with electronic control, with temperature reading and for keeping the temperature
  • wort aeration through venturi nozzle
  • two outlet valves for controlled wort drainage and green beer drainage

Mash filter and filter for hot trub separation

Equipped for pump connection


Subject to technical modifications!