Main Fermentation Tanks

  • Lagertank, Gärung, direkte Kühlung, indirekte Kühlung, Bier Brauen, Bier selber brauen, Labu, Gasthausbrauerei, Bierbrauanlage, Brauanlage, Hausbrauerei, Gasthausbrauerei, Microbrauerei, Bier, Bier Brauen, Bier selber brauen, Brauerei, Dreigerätesudhaus, Sudhaus, Labu, Hopfen, Malz, Braublock, Basisversion

Main fermentation tank
double walled isolated, direct cooling


Direct cooling with water / ice water / glycol

Every fermentation and storage tank is cooled individually. Isolated double walled tanks are cooled via a pipe connected ice water / glycol cooling system, which allows for a direct and precise control of the operations.


Main fermentation tank double walled for direct cooling

Main fermentation tank, zero pressure, cooled with ice water / glycol, manufactured in stainless steel, double walled and isolated, filled with 40mm PU foam.

- drain with shut-off valve
- threaded connection NW 25
- cover with electronic control for precise fermentation
- temperature display and magnetic valve
- ready for CIP-cleaning with rotating spray head

Standard sizes:
150, 300, 500, 750, 1200 and 2500 litres


Special orders on demand.

Subject to technical modifications!