Labu CraftMaster - Compact brewhouse for craft beer production

Labu Craft-Master, compact brewhouse for craft-beer production

Through years of experience Labu managed to develop a very compact and space saving brewhouse: the Labu Craft-Master.

The Labu CraftMaster is a semiautomatic two-vessel-brewhouse, which puts the focus on the manual craft of beer brewing. Its design provides a professional, complete brewhouse for infusion and decoction processes, combining four functions in only 1,5 up to 2m2 of floor space. Through the utilisation of high-grade, industry standard components (e.g. conical slotted removable bottom, freely programmable touch-pad controls) the Labu Craft-Master facilitates the production of beer at the highest level of quality.

The Labu CraftMaster combines these four components:
> Cooker
> Lauter tun
> Whirlpool
> Fermentation tank

The whole brewing process including mashing, lautering, cooking, and main fermentation, as well as bottle filling (secondary fermentation in bottles) can be conducted with the Labu CraftMaster.

Labu Craftmaster, combined, double-walled (with cooling jacket),
isolated stainless steel container with these components:

Lauter tun

  • Spherical bonnet with lid
  • Sparging equipment through integrated spray head
  • Meter for hot-water quantity of sparging process
  • Multi-part removable bottom (stainless steel), with conical drain slits
  • Central lautering with inspection glass
  • Swivelling manhole 400 x 300 mm


  • Tangential inlet
  • Convex bottom
  • Swivelling manhole 400 x 300 mm

Fermentation tank

  • Water / icewater / glycol cooled double wall, isolated, for cooling and non-pressurized fermentation
  • Connectors for cooling 1/2“ inlet and 3/4“ outlet
  • Electronic controls for fermentation process with temperature display and magnetic valve

Cooker / Electronic controls

  • Double-walled, isolated, stainless steel
  • Electrical heating with special ceramic heater, heater guard
  • Agitator in stainless steel
  • Connector for vapour escape pipe
  • Swivelling manhole 400 x 300 mm
  • Conical bottom
  • Automatic process control (mash automatic)
  • Freely programmable touch-pad controls
  • Large memory for recipes


  • External, movable pump (230 Volt) for mash, wort, and use in fermentation room. High grade hoses (food industry) and stainless steel connectors (NW 25)




  • Output 200 litres 12 KW, 16 ampere fuse
  • Output 300 litres 18 KW, 32 ampere fuse


Available options

  • Rotating sprayhead with connecting pipe
  • Removable grains discharge slide
  • Special knife for cutting grains
  • Shield for discharging grains
  • Graduated measuring rod
  • CIP-cleaning
  • Gravitation bottle-filler (for secondary fermentation in bottles)