Labu Breast Milk Pasteuriser 5 / Mini

Labu Breast Milk Pasteuriser 5

Used for pasteurising breast milk portioned in drinking bottles.


Heats milk up to 63°C | keeping temperature at 63°C for 30 minutes | cooling down.


The Labu Breast Milk Pasteuriser Mini merges two functions.

1. The Labu Breast Milk Pasteuriser Mini allows an electronically controlled pasteurization of mother's milk:
- Heating of the breast milk in bottles to 63°C (or any other set temperature)
- Keeping temperature at 63 °C for 30 minutes
- External cooling
(with optional passive aluminium cooling block or with water bath/ refrigerator)
The built in shaker (homogeneous and careful warming), the exact measurement of the temperature in the reference flask and the well engineered heating and control electronic allow proper pasteurizing.
Documentation of the process can be transmitted to IT or documented with an integrated line printer. This serves as proof of pasteurisation.

2. The Labu Breast Milk Pasteuriser Mini can be used as a baby bottle warmer: (at approximately 37 °C or any other set temperature)
Up to 5 bottles can be warmed automatically, the slots can be adjusted to all common bottle sizes.


No water connection necessary, plug-in ready, plug connection 230 Volt / 50 Hz.


Technical data and price on request.
Subject to technical modifications.